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MacMarts by is a digital business transformation platform built by subject matter experts in lean procurement Macnovate Who better to digitally transform your processes than the experts themselves

Strategic global sourcing with optimum quality and delivery to manufacturing is the pillar of all innovation and regulation-driven organisations in manufacturing? In essence, a smooth transition from one stage to another supports the sustainability of the organisation as well as the industry.

In today’s globalised business landscape, the uninterrupted flow of information key to sustainable supply chains. And, when critical information is not seamless and errors occur, it has an overarching effect on all aspects of the organisation – productivity, innovation, communication, but most importantly, the annual budget

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of supply chains and procurement bringing five years of digital transformation in this space reducing it down to the next twelve to eighteen months says, Forbes. This is due to critical risks with mistakes being made in an ever-demanding world of Supply chain and procurement. Most Manufacturing organisations still work on disparate systems like disconnected ERPs and isolated spreadsheets to handle their procure to pay cycle, project milestones, compliance and quality inspection reports as well as delivery. Inevitably, this leads to significant data loss, delays, and productivity loss at every stage. Cumulatively this contributes to disconnected and incorrect financial and operational reporting.

Macmarts realised the massive disconnect between the stakeholders was the answer. Key stakeholders can’t see the impact of their core activities and are not motivated to take ownership of their productivity or innovative ideas. Management can’t make strategic decisions based on unclear Data!

MacMarts aims to bridge this gap by creating a linear relationship between all the operational factors in a Manufacturing organisation as well as financial reporting through automated modules and “big picture” dashboards.

Why MacMarts?

  • By automating you’re procuring to pay cycle, you ensure visibility as well as the productivity of key resources.
  • By implementing a transparent sourcing strategy, you ensure two – way communication with suppliers as well as cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of sourced materials.
  • By implementing real-time budgeting, you avoid overspending and empower your functional contributors to ensure the success of the entire project.
  • By banking real-time milestone tracking of the manufacturing process, you ensure high output, product quality, cost-effectiveness and compliance.
  • By recording real-time milestone tracking of the manufacturing process, you ensure high output, product quality, cost-effectiveness and compliance.
  • By automating and tracking shipping updates, you fulfil your delivery obligations every time and boost your cash flow.
  • By leveraging rich data that circulates through it, MacMarts uses analytics to predict disruptions in the industry as well as provides targeted insights about the health of the organisation.

MacMarts is a self-learning system the gets more intelligent over time. When a project is completed successfully, MacMarts backs up all the modules – sourcing data, valid compliance certificates (CoC and CoA) and remediation solutions into its e-library. This ensures effective project repeatability through tacit knowledge codification and constitutes valuable training material for new employees.

All of this comes together to promote corporate governance, regulatory compliance, visibility and a teamwork culture in an organisation.
With MacMarts, sustainable and profitable growth is inclusive, exponential, and guaranteed.

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About Macnovate

Macnovate is a leading manufacturing solutions provider primarily based in Ireland, with a physical presence in 7 other global locations. We cultivate close relationships and strategic partnerships with quality vendors worldwide. As a result, we meet our client’s expectations every time by helping them

  • Source strategically and responsibly
  • Stay lean
  • Integrate and innovate
  • Ensure timely project completion
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Guaranteed equal or superior quality

MacMarts is the digitalisation of over thirty years of real-world experience in supply chain and procurement globally. In our experience, most manufacturing organisations are often on the back foot on budget while meeting their complex operational needs. We zeroed in on the lack of a cohesive facilitator and created MacMarts – a comprehensive business intelligence tool that helps organisations control their business spend, stay agile and collaborate better.

MacMarts helps businesses stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Choose MacMarts to future-proof your organisation.

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