Automated Process

In the landscape of digital transformation, the current buzzword in business is automation.

But what is automation?

Automation is best used for high volume activities that consume productive hours of an organisation’s key resources.

Consider the steps involved when a production engineer is steeped in the entire procure to pay cycle:

  • Getting quotes
  • Managing requisitions
  • Waiting for approval
  • Matching purchase order and invoices
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Coordination and management

Moreover, when the vendor is on board, it is rarely a smooth transition to project commencement.

MacMarts upgrades in-house processes and speeds up these time consuming tasks where the margin of manual error is high and can have devastating impacts on key business decisions.

In essence, MacMarts keeps a business agile. Our multi-access platform eliminates outdated, resourcing draining methods and promotes integration and visibility beyond the capabilities of traditional supply chain and project management systems.

Apart from intelligent automation, MacMarts creates seamless communication between the relevant stakeholders and departments through real-time data updates and email push notifications.

So, if your goal is to maximise savings and drive sustainable profitable growth, seamless digitisation on MacMarts is the answer.

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Can we add custom modules for each workflow in MacMarts?

A. MacMarts can be accommodated in a number of custom modules such as: Approval workflows, shipment alerts and integration with purchasing systems like SAP/Oracle. Access controls to data dashboards and projects can also be customised.

What procurement processes can we automate in MacMarts?

A. All time-consuming procurement processes can be automated on MacMarts: stakeholders can upload requirements and MacMarts sends RFQs to approved vendors. This promotes more visibility than isolated email threads where key information can easily slip through the cracks. MacMarts also automatically updates the procure to pay request.

How is business spend management automated on MacMarts?

A. MacMarts classifies data by according to different buckets of spends, by departments or suppliers, cost effectiveness. Using this data, MacMarts generates targeted insights to back strategic decisions.