Multi-Access Platform

The number one factor that drives sustainable growth in an organisation is the freeflow of unrestricted data.

When your organisation runs on uncoordinated systems, the entire pathway of data is restrained with bottlenecks. But when relevant data is at the fingertips of all stakeholders, associated tasks are processed without unnecessary hold-ups.

This is where MacMarts comes in. MacMarts is a multi-access platform that empowers each stakeholder in a particular workflow. When a task or project-specific data is updated in real-time, it bridges communication gaps and adds clarity. As a result, everyone’s on the same page: from the initiator and team manager to directors.

Wondering how our multi-access platform simplifies and unifies your workflows and ensures big savings?

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What kind of data can be accessed on MacMarts?

MacMarts is a storehouse of data generated from all the workflows in an organisation. On MacMarts, relevant stakeholders can access data related to vendor selection and associated contracts, the pay to procure cycle, milestone tracking of manufacturing processes, information related to regulatory compliance and most importantly, data related to business spend management.

How many users can be added on MacMarts?

You can add unlimited users on MacMarts. We understand the complex nature of procurement and the multiple roles associated with it. Naturally, we have decided not to impose an upper limit on the number of users who can collaborate on MacMarts.

Does MacMarts support access controls?

Definitely. C-suite personnel can customise page-level as well as project-specific controls.