Project Repeatability

When an organisation pursues sustainable and profitable growth, there’s no scope for looking back. Accordingly, business processes and workflows must be equipped to facilitate rather than hinder this forward motion.

All businesses have repeatable processes, and like it or not, this consumes hours of productivity of key resources. No doubt this cumulatively reduces the efficiency of the entire organisation.

So, to ensure high productivity and optimal utilisation of business spend, a business needs to leverage intelligent repeatable processes.

MacMarts is a multi-access business intelligence platform that can be customised to incorporate bespoke workflow schematics, process improvements, templates, or reusable modules. This makes MacMarts well equipped to handle project repeatability by intuitively leveraging project components that have been proven to be reliable in the past.

MacMarts helps organisations

  • Document current processes (all important documentation as well as remediation workflows are backed up in MacMarts’ e-library)
  • Analyse process gaps and drive innovation
  • Use tacit knowledge codification to resolve workflow conflicts
  • Get more targeted insights through advanced analysis of Big Data

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