Real time tracking

Tracking the different moving parts of an organisation is definitely a challenge. Without an effective tracking mechanism, an organisation heavily compromises on accessibility, team collaboration, timely project completion, customer experience and big savings opportunities.

In a fast-paced globalised business environment, uninterrupted flow of data positions an organisation for success. And this data needs to be available in tandem with accomplished tasks in real-time. 

MacMarts addresses this crucial need of modern businesses by providing a smart, integrated solution to help the C-suites stay on top of things.

Real-time business spend management

Don’t wait for weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to gauge how the annual budget is being utilised.Give your key resources more context through real-time budgeting. MacMarts enables real-time budget tracking to help you avoid overspending and generates instant impact analysis data based on financial activities. MacMarts also validates spends against allocated budgets and automates necessary adjustments in sync with procurement status, PO generation, and invoices filed.

Real-time procurement status tracking

MacMarts simplifies your procure to pay cycle through real-time procurement status visibility. Our data-rich multi-access platform doubles down on specific procurement needs, matches vendors from an approved list, monitors receipt and inspection of the purchases, and expedites invoice approval and payment. Essentially, MacMarts promotes effective and transparent two-way collaboration to ensure compliance, reduce operational costs, and boost the productivity of your engineers.

Real-time manufacturing status tracking

MacMarts reduces lead time and upholds quality protocols through real-time tracking of manufacturing processes. Super charge your production process through dashboards, timelines, timesheets and sophisticated communication tools.Track progress at each stage, from product design development to prototype testing, manufacturing, and feedback.

Real time delivery tracking of manufactured products

Effective delivery and shipping management is crucial to an organisation’s cash flow. Get instant updates on domestic and international shipping operations, reduce shipping costs through eliminating manual errors, and send accurate shipment details to customers to fast track payment. With MacMarts, your organisation meets its delivery requirements every time.

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