Regulatory Compliance

In a high-risk, innovation-driven business space, regulatory compliance is non-negotiable. MacMarts creates an automated system of checks and balances so that your organisation’s sourcing and manufacturing processes are compliant with USP methods, specifications and associated Reference Standards to meet regulatory requirements of the industry.

MacMarts also ensures the appropriate Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is associated with all dissolution testing accessories. Take your regulatory compliance one step further by an automated recording of the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of each individual product.

MacMarts also empowers your engineers to stay updated with all CoC, CoA, inspection reports, or agreements by enabling real-time discussions and commenting.

MacMarts continuously functions as your risk specialist in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. With MacMarts you can

  • Anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes in the industry
  • Facilitate a balance between compliance and risk while ensuring cost effectiveness
  • Devise remediation strategies through effective data analysis

Essentially, MacMarts helps an organisation manage stakeholder expectations as well as safeguard brand reputation. 

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