Tacit Knowledge Codification

MacMarts is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that evolves with an organisation’s workflows and processes. The more information you circulate through MacMarts, the more intelligent it gets.

Let us explain how it works.

When a sourcing sequence is initiated, MacMarts  sets a number of customised automated processes in motion. Whenever a bottleneck arises, MacMarts raises a red flag and waits for authorisation. Next, authorised personnel can take things forward by resolving the hold up through approval comments, Q&As, or scope instructions, which automatically get backed up into MacMarts e-library.

So the next time a similar problem crops up, MacMarts intelligently shortens the approval cycle by intuitively providing a valid resolution. This means MacMarts can be used for training new resources, predicting business spend trends, diagnosing conflicts, and devising actionable solutions.

In essence, MacMarts intelligently records all explicit information passing through it and leverages advanced analytics to share smart reporting solutions.

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